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Helping the RSPCA, one branch at a time

Wil-U is a complete range of charity retail and fundraising systems. Used in over 1,000 locations, it takes advantage of the latest in technology to provide the most automated, flexible and intuitive solutions available. 

Tablets (With swoosh & Dots)

EPOS and a whole lot more

Everything you need to make the running of your charity shops easier and more profitable.

See your gift aid take off

With the most automated gift aid solution on the market!

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Contactless Donations

The simplest and most flexible way to boost your fundraising.

Why is Wil-U the ideal choice for RSPCA?

Already used by many RSPCA branches around the country, Wil-U has transformed the performance of their retail businesses by simplifying process and increasing automation. There are a number of things that Wil-U has built in to make this happen:
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Simple and Easy to Use

Wil-U has utilised modern technology to provide a user-friendly experience that seamlessly integrates into the daily routines of your shop and animal centre teams. There is no training programme needed and no unnecessary complex features, just easy to use, straightforward technology that your shop teams will love.

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Takes the complexity out of Gift Aid

Wil-U transforms the Gift Aid process, removing the paper processes and admin and automating gift aid claims.  We have helped RSPCA branches through the process of adopting Gift Aid for the first time and others to help their Gift Aid income sky rocket.

Quality Information easily accessible

Quality Information easily accessible

Wil-U provides easy access to all of your key information online which has helped many RSPCAs with their decision making such as optimising price points to drive increased income. Every user can have their own experience ensuring your shop managers, finance and leadership teams have the key information to make the right decisions.

Make sales easy

The most advanced charity shop epos on the market, utilising the latest in tablet technology



Control Centre (with swoosh background)

All your reporting needs at your fingertips

Know what’s happening in your shops. Live sales and Gift Aid data reporting can be accessed 24/7, wherever you are, so you can make quicker, more informed decisions for your retail operation.

Join a community of RSPCA’s and other charity retailers

With Wil-U, you don’t just get great tech. You join our community of engaged charity retailers who are all trying to help each other win. The Wil-U family meets every month to talk about successes, challenges and learn from one another.

Join a community of charity retailers

Why We Do What We Do

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We just managed a Saturday with absolutely no problems, everybody learning as they went and even those that were worried about a new till really like it!  So happy!

Guildford Samaritans
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This seems almost too good to be true! The reporting from the Control Centre gives us all the data we need!

Martlets Hospice
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Completely painless!

Tynedale Hospice
Tynedale Hospice
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It was super easy to buy and very easy to set up. We took it out of the box, went through the steps and it all worked great. We started taking sales almost immediately!

Drop Inn Armagh
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Volunteers picked up using the system within five minutes – that’s a testament to how easy it is to use! Having never had an EPOS solution before, it was big news for us. There was some hesitation from the older volunteers at first but they’ve taken to it like a duck to water!

Yorkshire Cancer Research
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We’ve taken the opportunity over the last few months to really look at how we can improve and build for a successful future. Wil-U provides increased flexibility to our reporting and communication, helping us towards a more efficient way of working which has a direct impact on our bottom line.

Save The Children UK
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We went from no Gift Aid to operating a fully digital and automated Gift Aid scheme in just two weeks!


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