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When it’s time to make a gift aid claim, the process can seem daunting. HMRC recognition and compliance, donor information, compiling spreadsheets of all of your donations….And all of this is before even submitting your claim! Then there are various claim types and deadlines to keep in mind! Gift aid can be a minefield of information as well as being hugely time consuming.

In true Wil-U style, we’ve created a process that not only gets rid of the paperwork involved in the gift aid signup process, but the entire process all the way through to when it’s time to make a gift aid claim!

Make a Gift Aid Claim Manually Vs with Wil-U Gift Aid Processing

Take a look at the manual Gift Aid Claim process compared with the Wil-U process and see for yourself just how easy it could be with Wil-U’s Digital Gift Aid, especially in the final processing stages.

Manual Gift Aid Claim Process

– Ask each donor to fill out lengthy gift aid declaration/sign up form
– enter manually into your gift aid donor database
– File donor information in a secure, GDPR compliant location
– Label and sort donations

– Sell donated goods
– Enter sale of each donated item into your gift aid system/manual database

– Produce your list of donors and letters/emails to be sent and printed and sent manually
– Send out donor communications and remove and donors that decline gift aid or emails that bounce.
– Create Gift Aid Schedule spreadsheet
+ Retrieve and fill out all donor details into spreadsheet
+ Ensure you use HMRC regulations (ie capitals in postcodes       etc)
+ Donation date using correct date format
+ Donation amount using correct decimal placement
– Separate sponsored event donations and combine regular donations.

– Once your spreadsheet is full (1,000 donation max) you can submit your claim
+ Register and log into your online services account with HMRC
+ Go to ‘make a charity repayment claim’ and answer all of the        questions about the type of claim and your charity
+ Fill in the details and attach your spreadsheet
– If HMRC find any errors in your spreadsheet, it will be returned for corrections to be made and resubmitted


Wil-U Digital Gift Aid Claim Process

– Supporters use Wil-U Digital Gift Aid Signup instore to enter their donor information which is stored in a GDPR compliant secure database (no paperwork required)

– Sell donated goods (Net donations will be automatically entered into the Gift Aid claim when they become eligible)

– Automatically send HMRC compliant emails and letters based upon your preconfigured settings.

– When the claim is ready to submit it will be formatted and will appear in your claim summary…just click ‘submit’. Easy!


How does Wil-U Gift Aid Processing work?

As Gift Aid items are sold and scanned through the POS, the sales value is linked with a donor in the Donor Directory and the Gift Aid amount calculated. This is done by taking the sale value and deducting the Sale commission & related VAT, leaving the net donation value (also known as net sale or net proceeds).

An email or letter may need to be sent to the donor before the net donation can be added to a Gift Aid claim, depending on what Gift Aid method is operated (Standard, A or B). If the donor ID is not recognised by Wil-U, the Gift Aid sale will still be recorded but the amount will not be entered into Gift Aid processing.


We went from no Gift Aid to operating a fully digital and automated Gift Aid scheme in just two weeks! […] The system practically does everything for you, no need for paperwork or unpicking HMRC’s guidelines. I never thought operating a Gift Aid scheme could be so easy!

Sam Peacock
Business Manager, ELF

Wil-U are committed to making charity retail processes simpler and, as you can see, we really can make a gift aid claim super simple! If you have any questions about Digital Gift Aid or Gift Aid processing, please Ask Us Anything!


Post by Chelsea Elderkin (Real Edge)
April 25, 2022