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Wil-U Go Beyond Charity EPOS Systems

Not content in just being leading suppliers of charity epos systems, Wil-U introduce Charity Shop Broadband AND the Wil-U Gift Card Solution…


Wil-U’s Charity EPOS Systems have improved the sales and gift aid processes of charity shops up and down the country for quite some time. The amazing charities we work with and the incredible feedback we’ve received made us wonder what else we could do to help. We spoke with our customers, the Wil-U Family, and found that there were a couple of common themes in issues that they were having – poor broadband connection in their shops and the inability to accept gift cards as payment.

…needless to say, we got to work right away.


Introducing Charity Shop Broadband

Understanding the issues that charities can face is hugely important to us at Wil-U and one issue we hear about regularly is poor internet connection and extortionate broadband pricing. But mostly, we hear stories about poor customer support and complicated set up.

From your first point of contact through to engineers and support desk… you’ll always be talking to someone that works with charities every single day. We can help you address your connectivity issues and ensure that every inch of your charity shop has great coverage.

We’ll make sure that you have everything you need in one easy, affordable and innovative charity shop broadband solution.



The Wil-U Charity Shop Gift Card Solution

Not content in stopping with just a one new solution, we have also launched the Wil-U Charity Shop Gift Card Solution! Working with your existing Wil-U POS, you can now accept gift cards from ‘Charity Shop Gift Card’ or contact us today about creating your very own Gift Card specific to your charity!

For just £7.50 per POS per month you could be creating more sales, growing your supporter base and raising more funds for your charity in no time! Get in touch today to find out more about The Wil-U Charity Gift Card Solution.


“Our priority is to ensure volunteers have the best possible systems in place to allow them to work effectively and being able to upgrade the system with minimum disruption has been a huge plus. Wil-U opens up a lot of options for us to innovate in the future and we’re looking forward to seeing where it takes us.”

– Save The Children UK
Post by Chelsea Elderkin (Real Edge)
Mar 21, 2022 3:54:00 PM