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Automated Gift Aid software helps Third Sector organisations maximise the potential of retail Gift Aid and is rapidly becoming the future of charity retail for both online and traditional shop-based charitable donations and purchases.

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Let’s look at the benefits of Gift Aid software and the ways in which a paperless, automated Gift Aid system can help save your charity time and money.

What is Gift Aid for charity?

Gift Aid is a UK tax incentive scheme in which charities can claim back the basic rate tax paid on charitable donations and purchases – worth 25p for every £1 donated. Gift Aid is, therefore, an extremely valuable income stream for charity retailers, and streamlining and optimising Gift Aid processing is an effective way of reducing operating overheads and maximising revenues.

Benefits of Gift Aid software

Gift Aid software is a valuable asset for charity retailers, helping eligible organisations increase their Gift Aid revenues, simplifying the process of claiming and reporting Gift Aid to HMRC, recording one-off and regular gifts, and better managing Gift Aid donations through centralised digital records and audit trails.

This saves time and money on making repayment claims correctly, makes it faster to submit electronic claims to HMRC’s Charities Online service, and encrypts sensitive user and financial information for added security.

  • A digital charity EPOS solution, such as Wil-U, will include all the features you need to make sales, receive donations, look up items, and complete refunds – helping reduce human error and integrating your sales data through cash purchases/donations, card payments, and online transactions.
  • Gift Aid software replaces paper forms with digital transactions through an Android tablet, making it easier for donors to sign up, and reducing the administrative burden on shop teams and support staff.
  • Gift Aid software automatically calculates the amount of tax relief available for each donation, making it easier to track donations and keep accurate records, meaning that your volunteers don’t need to ask about tax in order to get the claim right.
  • The software handles all communications digitally and automatically with the donor, making it easier and straightforward for your volunteers.
  • Gift Aid software systems back up and store donor data securely in the cloud, avoiding the security issues inherent in paper forms.
  • Using Gift Aid software is the easiest way to remain compliant with HMRC guidelines, providing full visibility and accountability on all your Gift Aid submissions and transactions.
  • Digital Gift Aid software enables donors to sign up with their email addresses, reducing the need for postal communication to keep in touch.

Gift Aid software solutions from Wil-U

Our cost-effective digital Gift Aid and EPOS solutions are designed to make life easier for charities, helping you maximise your revenues while improving your donor experience. Our systems are available for a straightforward subscription with little or no upfront cost, and no percentage of your Gift Aid relief is taken by Wil-U.

To find out more, please try our digital Gift Aid demo for free by clicking here. If you’d like to contact our team please click here.

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Mar 15, 2023 4:59:00 PM