One thing that many people don’t realise about branches of the RSPCA and RSPCA charity shops is that they are separate independent, self-funded charities. This is the case for many Wil-U customers as they are governed by the overarching organisation but responsible for raising almost all of their own funds.

A perfect example of this is the RSPCA. Many of their branches are independently funded. Each branch has its own ‘catchment area’ where it can intake animals from and raise it’s funds. They are reliant on donations from their local community to create enough fundraising revenue to keep animals fed and healthy, cover veterinary costs, pay staff and keep animal homes running. They raise these funds by holding events within their area, running charity shops, and accepting generous donations. So, it’s important to them that not only are their solutions easy to use, they need to be affordable.


 What Makes Wil-U Perfect for RSPCA? 

Wil-U is a tablet-based POS system that is affordable and VERY easy to use. There are no huge set up costs or need for training. What’s more, the flexible technology solutions available are perfect for use anywhere. Whether you’re taking adoption fees or donations in the animal home or selling donated goods in a charity shop – Wil-U can be used wherever you go. It can even be used to take donations at fundraising events or sell goods at a village fete!

Digital Gift Aid for the RSPCA

One of the most popular solutions from Wil-U is the Digital Gift Aid Tablet. This portable, handy tablet completely cuts out all of the paperwork involved in signing a supporter up for Gift Aid. Not only that, it means that your volunteers no longer have to ask tricky tax questions or spend their valuable time convincing supporters to fill out the paperwork. Digital Gift Aid Tablets are not just for use inside the shops, some of our animal charities have them in their animal homes to help boost the amount of Gift Aid sign ups when people are donating goods or money to the charity.

Ask us for a quick a demo

We understand that time is precious for charities, that’s why we don’t ask you to commit to long or ‘in-person’ demo visits (unless you want one!). We’re happy to provide your information in any way you wish. Whether it’s a 30 minute video call, a detailed email or a visit to your charity. We’re as flexible as our tech solutions! You can find out what’s involved in a demo here.


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Gift Aid Process Is A Pain In The Neck

You know it. Volunteers know it. And most importantly, donors know it too. The Gift Aid process can be confusing and seemingly complicated. Also, asking people about tax can be awkward and donors don’t want to be held up by the faff of filling in forms when they’re...

Wil-U Go Beyond Charity EPOS Systems

Wil-U Go Beyond Charity EPOS Systems Not content in just being leading suppliers of charity epos systems, Wil-U introduce Charity Shop Broadband AND the Wil-U Gift Card Solution…Wil-U’s Charity EPOS Systems have improved the sales and gift aid processes of charity...

Gift Aid for Charities: Keeping It Simple

Gift Aid for Charities: How Your Charity Shop Can Keep It Simple Gift Aid can be challenging, there’s no denying it. Between labelling donations, all of the forms and explaining it to volunteers and customers multiple times a day – the time it takes to do all of this...

How online selling is changing charity retail

In the wake of the biggest charity retail event of the year, we’re reflecting on one of its hottest topics. Online selling for charities.   The Charity Retail Conference and Exhibition 2021 took place last week and one of the most talked about subjects was how so many...

Launching Volunteer Sign Up with the Charity Retail Association!

As part of Volunteer Week 2020, Wil-U have launched a volunteer sign-up system in partnership with the Charity Retail Association (CRA).  At Wil-U, we’re all about creating an easier way to do good for charities and their supporters. With shops closed and most...

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How to turbocharge item donations for your charity

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