Since the reopening of shops earlier this year, there have been reports of increased donations and record sales being made. This is amazing for charities up and down the country. However, this sudden rise in donations and customers has made us wonder… are charity shops adequately equipped for it? 


Wil-U have made it our aim to make the lives of charity retailers easier. From the shop floor to headquarters, we help to improve the efficiency of donations, sales, gift aid and stock monitoring. As retail outlets, charity shops are busy and fast-paced. So, it is important that their processes are efficient and easy to use. 


As donations come in, charities need to determine whether the donors are eligible for gift aid, offer gift-aid sign-up to those that aren’t already a part of the scheme, print labels and sort through bags before pricing, labelling and putting on the shop floor. Wil-U’s EPOS system and Digital Gift Aid can drastically reduce the time taken from to donation to sale. 

Digital Gift Aid 

The Digital Gift Aid Tablet can be placed anywhere in the shop, whether you prefer it by the till or on the shop floor. Your donors can sign up for gift aid in seconds, right there and then! They can then print the correct number of labels for their bags and pop them on before leaving. Simple! 

 And it’s not just the donors lives that are made easier. The volunteer or employee simply needs to scan each bag’s label and print out enough individual labels for the items it holds. The items are then ready to go out on the shop floor and make sales.  The Gift Aid EPOS will track each sale and link it to the original donor ID within the Wil-U Control Centre. 


Gift Aid Processing 

Wil-U Gift Aid Processing is where your charity will really see the benefits of our solutions. Whether you are in store or head office, you can access the Control Centre and see your claims building. Wil-U Gift Aid Processing will automatically start building claims for you in the correct format to submit to HMRC and even automatically contacts your donors, so you don’t have to individually email every single one. 

 Find out how you can replace paper forms with a tablet, increase donor sign ups and save time with Gift Aid Processing by contacting us today.  


Wil-U EPOS Systems  

Our charity shop EPOS Systems are easy-to-use, so there’s no need for expensive training for staff and volunteers. In fact, Exeter Leukaemia Fund say, “Wil-U is so easy to implement and easy to use, volunteers love it!”   

 When the shop floor is busy, donations are coming in and there’s so much going on – a great EPOS system is a godsend. Add to this, our simple and affordable subscription-based pricing and you’ll agree with Guildford Samaritans that “the costs are much cheaper for an infinitely better product”. 

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