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Wil-U provides a dedicated EPOS solution for Third Sector and charitable organisations that run charity shops, making it easier for you to increase your Gift Aid contributions, help manage stock elements, smooths the sales process, and access your sales data in real-time. But beyond this, Wil-U delivers a range of community-led solutions to actively help our members overcome the challenges within charity retail.

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In this article, we look at the main benefits of becoming a Wil-U family member, and how our charity management systems can help your charity shops, volunteers, and staff.

Increase Your Gift Aid

With the help of a customisable EPOS system from Wil-U, you can sign up more donors using a simple digital form and capture more Retail Gift Aid from online sales and in-shop purchases. Our system also makes it quicker and easier to submit Gift Aid claims, helping you maximise your donations and keep better track of the money coming into your organisation.


Our charity EPOS systems are extremely easy-to-use so that older volunteers and staff who may not be as comfortable with retail technology can quickly become proficient with the system with no training required. Our systems aim to simplify the sales process with a variety of accessible technologies, including integration with multiple payment providers and a single barcode scan to capture digital Gift Aid from all transactions.

Real-Time Sales Reporting

Access to real-time sales and Gift Aid data on demand is essential for running a successful charity retail enterprise. Our system provides you with a unified dashboard that shows you real-time sales data from online and charity shop retail channels, with analytics that can be used to streamline your operations and shops more efficiently. The Wil-U EPOS system can generate instant reports on your stock levels, average transaction values, donations, top-selling products, and other critical metrics – giving you the tools to make informed decisions at the click of a button.

Customisable Solution

Our Wil-U retail solutions are developed specifically for customers within the charity sector, with a customisable solution that can be tailored to the needs of your enterprise and its customers. Becoming a member of the Wil-U family gives you a say in what features are incorporated into your solution, and we will work closely with you to determine which tools and functions are best for your shops, taking on board any suggestions and ideas you may have. 

The Benefits Of Joining The Wil-U Family

The Wil-U Family includes over 50 UK charities, with more organisations joining each month. We help build business and community connections between our members with a monthly forum, in which our community can come together to talk about resolving the challenges faced within charity retail. You will have access to a wealth of unique knowledge that can help you resolve issues as diverse as sorting and pricing donated stock, sourcing volunteers, marketing, and other matters.

To find out more about our charity management systems and payment solutions, please get in touch with one of our experienced team today.

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Post by Stuart Watts
June 06, 2023