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CollecTin Plus Black Logo With Wil-U Software And Zettle Payment Processing


Primary goal: To give people who come to the Hospice an easy way to support their work.

Secondary goal: To be able to collect donations and take payments at fundraising events.

The family and friends of patients receiving care at the Hospice are often deeply grateful for the care they are able to provide their loved ones in their final days.

“We wanted to make it easy for them to support the Hospice in a way that wasn’t intrusive or pressured.” - Peter Brook, Commercial Director

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The  CollecTin Plus Black Logo  is simple, obvious and easy to use for people making donations.

A St Luke's Hospice volunteer talking to two people and collecting donations during a charity event.

St Luke’s customised their ‘ask’ page with an image of the Hospice and three suggested donation amounts £5, £10 and £20, as well as giving donors the option to enter the amount of their choice.

They then placed one unit on the reception desk, and one in a waiting area for family and friends. 

St Luke’s are so surprised at how much money they are raising.

A person making a donation by card on CollectTin

“I was showing someone around and they said they wanted to do something to support the Hospice, so I pointed them at the CollecTin and they donated £100 there and then!” - Peter Brook, Commercial Director

Donations show up straight away on the Control Centre in the Wil-U software and in the Zettle account. Then 1-2 working days later, they are deposited in the Hospice bank account. Gift Aid is just as straight forward. Donors are given the option to Gift Aid their donation. The reclaim is then automatically sent to HMRC, with the click of a single button in the Wil-U software.

St Luke's Hospice volunteers at an event ready to use the CollecTin for donations.

St Luke’s Hospice have regular fundraising events, where they also wanted to be able to collect contactless and Chip & PIN donations. The annual Midnight Walk is a 5 or 9-mile sponsored night walk which attracts more than 1,000 supporters. The  CollecTin Plus Black Logo  is perfect for this type of event, as the SIM card and boost battery give you the freedom to collect wherever you like. The gathering at the start was the perfect place to ask for donations. The largest single donation of £200 shows the value of giving people the opportunity to give in the right place, at the right time. 

The other unit was used on the fundraising merchandise stall. By creating a campaign with the Gift Aid function turned on and a single ‘enter amount’ button on the ask screen, the  CollecTin Plus Black Logo  can receive payments as a really easy to use card machine, but in a much more user friendly way.

“We love the flexibility of the CollecTin®Plus. Day to day it’s giving our visitors a chance to support our work, but then every month or so, we can take it out and about, for our fundraising events.” - Peter Brook, Commercial Director

St Luke’s raised more than £700 from their two  CollecTin Plus Black Logo  units on the night of the Midnight Walk. Unsurprisingly they have gone on to buy two more!


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CollecTin Plus Black Logo  is a collaboration between partners CollecTin, Wil-U and Zettle.

CollecTin design and make the unit itself, Wil-U provide the software, and the support service and Zettle do the payment processing.

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Feb 13, 2024 9:16:32 AM