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Drop Inn brings hope, help and healing to people who are living in situations of desperate need in over 20 countries. Drop Inn has countless projects across the world and its main source of income comes from its charity shops. Any extra funds the shops can raise makes a direct impact to the projects Drop Inn are able to run. That’s why we’re delighted to hear that after adopting Wil-U POS Drop Inn Armagh are taking more money than they usually do!

Having used the same POS system for 20 years Adam Lynch, shop manager at Drop Inn Armagh, knew it was time for a change. He wanted a more up-to-date system that would help him improve operational control and increase revenue.

Adam rang the Wil-U team and placed his order there and then. We got it shipped out to Drop Inn Armagh in Northern Ireland and the fully configured POS system arrived in the shop just a few days later.

“I chose Wil-U POS because it looked like it would be much easier to use in the shop and in the office.” says Adam. “It was super easy to buy and very easy to set up. We took it out of the box, went through the steps and it all worked great. We started taking sales almost immediately!”

Since Drop Inn Armagh have started using Wil-U, they have noticed a big improvement in visibility and control of the shop. The Wil-U Control Centre has given Drop Inn the resources they need to be able to analyse performance and improve the way they operate.

“It’s improved quite a lot of things for the charity. We know what’s selling and what’s not selling and we can configure and check what discounts are being applied throughout the day,” explains Adam. “The weekly reports and end of day sales report is very impressive. It makes it much easier for the office staff to process.”

“We’re taking more money than we normally do because everything is logged and processed properly,” says Adam. “Wil-U is definitely benefitting us – big time! We’re getting our money’s worth and more!”  

Having used the same POS solution for such a long time, volunteers and staff thought they would struggle with the change but quickly got used to the new tablet system. Wil-U is as user-friendly as possible so people of all ages and skills can pick it up without a lengthy training programme, and this certainly proved true for Drop Inn.

“They’ve all got the hang of it now. We have a variety of ages working in the shop and they had a fear of the new technology but they quickly got to grips with it,” explains Adam.

It’s amazing to hear what a great fit Wil-U POS has been for Drop Inn Armagh and that they are now making more money for their cause as a direct result of adopting it. We can’t wait to see the impact this has on their future projects!


Case Study
Post by HubSpot Author
September 21, 2020