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From nought to Gift Aid in two weeks

Exeter Leukaemia Fund went from not operating a retail Gift Aid scheme to signing up donors and raising 25% more on their donations in just two weeks!

Getting started with Gift Aid

With their previous system, Elf didn’t have the tools they needed to easily operate a retail Gift Aid scheme. After hearing how simple and easy Wil-U Gift Aid is, they made an immediate decision to get it implemented in time for shops reopening in December. Thanks to quick decision making and the ease of implementing Wil-U, Elf rolled out Wil-U’s Digital Gift Aid Sign Up tablet and fully automated Gift Aid Processing service in just two weeks.

“We were a bit apprehensive about getting started with Gift Aid as we know there are a lot of rules and regulations you have to follow but with Wil-U, everything has been smooth sailing. The system practically does everything for you, no need for paperwork or unpicking HMRC guidelines. I never thought operating a Gift Aid scheme could be so easy!” said Sam Peacock, Business Manager at Exeter Leukaemia Fund.

Easy paperless Gift Aid from set up to submission

Getting set up with Wil-U is a breeze and with the whole team on board, Elf were able to implement the new system quickly and easily. Wil-U is already loaded with pre-made templates that cover the Agency Agreement, Gift Aid declaration, and donor emails and letters. All Elf had to do was add the finishing touches to give it that Elf sparkle!

With every sign up automatically uploaded, donors communicated with and claims constantly building in the background, there is no extra work for the Elf team. There are no paper forms to complete, type up or store. All the necessary information is on the tablets for donors to view and agree to. When claims are ready, all it takes is a single click to submit the claim directly to HMRC.

For Elf, it’s as simple as scanning the barcode, making the sale, and sitting back to watch their Gift Aid grow!

“The Wil-U team have been so helpful. They really took the time to understand the challenges we were facing and provide a solution that would help us generate more income over the coming months. They’ve stayed in touch after implementation to see how we’re getting on and help us make more of the system too – I’d recommend them to anyone.”

“I never knew operating a Gift Aid scheme could be so easy!”



With shops open for just a few short weeks in December, Elf have already managed to claim extra funds through Gift Aid with no extra work for their shop teams. This number is only going to grow as shops reopen in April and sales start taking off again. Plus, Elf have been able to claim Gift Aid on donations that they sold online while shops have been closed at the beginning of the year – all money that they previously weren’t able to claim.

“Wil-U is so easy to implement and incredibly easy to use. Volunteers love it! We’re really pleased with what we’ve achieved so far and are looking forward to seeing the ongoing impact Wil-U has once shops are open properly again,” said Sam.

With all of Elf’s much-needed services supporting people affected by blood cancers and their families across Devon depend on the generosity of the public, it’s really great to see them making more money as a result of implementing Wil-U. They’ve taken great steps to ensure that their shops are as successful as possible and we cannot wait to see what they achieve now that shops are open!


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Apr 22, 2021 1:53:00 PM