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At Wil-U, we provide customisable technology modules for Hospice charity shops and online sales outlets across the UK. Our tablet-based EPOS and Gift Aid automation solution helps your volunteers and staff, shop managers, and head office team to raise more money for your cause while reducing their administrative burden and avoiding human error.

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EPOS for charity shops – how it helps you

An electronic point of sale (EPOS) system is a computerised cash register that allows retailers to track sales and payments, manage inventory and stock levels, and process payments quickly and securely, making it easier for customers to make purchases and helping retailers keep better control over cash flow and stock levels.

However, most enterprise EPOS systems are designed for private sector retailers that sell purchased stock at standardised prices. Hospice charity shops, however, rely on a combination of donated items and purchased stock to sustain their business, and many of these systems are insufficient to meet their needs.

A purpose-designed charity EPOS system, on the other hand, is directly customisable to the needs of charity retailers, with a range of tools that allow shop staff to focus on providing excellent customer service instead of spending time on mundane tasks, such as logging donated clothing, books, furniture, and toys, and calculating individual pricing strategies.

A charity EPOS system enables your Hospice retail operation to better track sales and donations, manage inventory, and create reports into which item categories are selling the best, helping your charity shop managers make more informed decisions about how to promote its stock for maximum sales and market value.

In these ways, a charity EPOS system can help Hospices streamline their retail operations and increase donation levels at the same time. However, there are also values to an EPOS system beyond the shop floor. An integrated cloud-based system can help charity retailers consolidate and analyse data from customer purchases and donations to create targeted marketing and fundraising campaigns that encourage donors to make repeat purchases and donations. This can help boost donor loyalty and feed in directly to better returns from your fundraising campaigns, as well as build better brand visibility for your Hospice.

A charity EPOS system will streamline management and bring benefits at all levels of your charity retail operation:

  • For Heads of Gift Aid, integrated Gift Aid software speeds up the submission process, avoiding unclaimed or incorrectly claimed amounts, and removing your dependence on physical paperwork.
  • For Shop Managers and Heads of Retail, a centralised and intuitive control centre will make reporting easier and quicker, with a report overview, a reporting dashboard, and daily/weekly/monthly sales reports.
  • For Finance Directors, a charity EPOS system makes it more efficient and easier to make informed business decisions, boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and increasing revenues for your Hospice through better retail operations management.

Working with Wil-U – what we offer:

  • Better tracking for online sales – Hospital and Hospice retail outlets can use our online tracking system to track sales revenues, donations, and Gift Aid items sold online via the EPOS for both reporting and Gift Aid processing. Our system integrates with eBay while also allowing tracking from other online platforms.
  • Real-time reporting – Our 24/7 real-time reporting features will make it simple to monitor your retail performance on the go, incorporating data from all your charity shops and online sales channels into a convenient user interface. Our intuitive Control Centre is available on any device connected to the web with a browser.
  • Better stock tracking for donated items – Our system makes it quicker and more straightforward to track the movement of donated stock, allowing you to assess your inventory in real-time and establish effective pricing strategies to maximise revenues.
  • Wil-U Integrate – Our adaptable API extracts data from your Wil-U Control Centre and imports it into a variety of other systems for better integration and visibility, including your finance/accounting system, fundraising database, CRM, marketing tools, and more.
  • And more!

Next steps

To find out more about our integrated EPOS and Gift Aid management solutions, and how we can help your Hospice raise more money for its cause, please get in touch today.

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Post by Stuart Watts
April 20, 2023