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Here at Wil-U, we’re carrying on as normal as much as possible. That means continuing to develop new innovative features and modules! Our most recent release included the introduction of Wil-U Customer Display. Wil-U Customer Display comes included with every Wil-U POS – but it isn’t just any old customer display.

At Wil-U we want you to get as much value for money as possible. While a green-text-on-a-black-background customer display does the job just fine, it’s a bit old-school and not very friendly. As with all of our Wil-U modules, we leveraged Android tablet technology so you can utilise optional interactive features and make your customer display as useful as possible.

Here’s what the Wil-U Customer Display can do:


Core features

Easy-to-read display


Wil-U Customer Display has a simple and easy to read sales display for customers to see their transactions as they’re being put through the till. This helps build customer trust and it means any mistakes are more likely to be caught at the point of sale, preventing any hassle with refunds later down the line!

Marketing Image Carousel

When the customer display is not in use, it will show a carousel of images you choose. This could be used to promote your cause, a specific appeal, or any upcoming events you have. With its spectacular HD display, this is certainly more eye-catching than a stack of leaflets!


Optional Features

Donate Your Change


When the sale is complete, the customer display will show the customer their change amount and a question asking if they would like to donate their change. Customers can press yes or no on the screen, automatically alerting the POS clerk of their decision.

If they say yes, they can then put in their Gift Aid donor details so that you can claim that extra 25% on their cash donations!


Receipt Option


As with the Donate Your Change feature, this question asks customers if they would like a receipt. They can then press yes or no on the customer display, automatically alerting the POS clerk of their decision. This takes the pressure off volunteers when it comes to asking customers questions at the till.


Interactive Customer Feedback


While the customer is waiting for their transaction to be processed, customers can answer a simple feedback question that pops up on the screen without blocking any important information. This question asks how the customer found their shopping experience and lets them choose between a selection of smiley faces. Use this to reward volunteers who get a big number of smiley green faces!

All of Wil-U Customer Display’s features are optional so you can utilise what works for you! If you’d like to know more about Wil-U POS and its brand-new customer display, get in touch.

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April 03, 2020