Wil-U and SumUp

We’ve partnered with Sum Up to make taking card payments easy.

Simple pay-as-you-go pricing without fixed costs
No contract, just a 5 minute online registration
Attractive terminal at a one-off price

Making taking card payments easy

Wil-U is on a mission to make charity shop technology as easy as it can be. That’s why we’ve partnered with SumUp, who believe in supporting charities of all shapes and sizes.  From paperless onboarding to taking the first payment, SumUp makes it easy. SumUp comes with no monthly subscription, no contractual agreement, no hidden fees – just a one-off cost for the reader coupled with the lowest on the market transaction fee.

Integrated with your POS
Accept payments on the go
Fully PCI compliant

Sign up to SumUp today…

To get started with Wil-U POS, sign up for your card reader using SumUp’s quick and easy registration process. You’ll pay a one-off fee of £29 for the reader and charging cradle. 

Wil-U is part of the PXtech family.

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Wil-U is part of the PXtech family.

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