PXtech were invaluable in terms of their advice and helpline who have won the hearts of many of our volunteers.  

Diane Eyre, Head of Community Retail, Save the Children

Save the Children UK’s Gift Aid claim was one of the lowest in the sector.

Shop admin processes were tiresome, ineffective, and significantly reduced visibility of transactions.

PXtech provided a new EPOS system, supporting the sign up of nearly 18,000 new donors throughout 2016. The amount of Gift Aid claimed has been transformational, profiting from a huge 35% increase! The new system makes it much easier for volunteers to process Gift Aid sign ups and claims, reducing training time and paperwork.

The reduction in paperwork and administration throughout the Gift Aid and cashing up processes has significantly reduced the workload of volunteers and staff. Save the Children can now produce comprehensive reports on sales and space analysis through the detailed breakdown of product sales that the new system provides. They have easy access to real time transactions, enhancing visibility across their retail estate and helping them detect any training requirements much faster.

• 18,000 new donors added in 2016
• 35% increase in Gift Aid
• 141 shops benefited from a boost in Gift Aid claims

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After Oxfam adopted our digital sign up solution, their Gift Aid revenue increased by £300,000 in just one year...