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All of our Wil-U modules are pick and mix so you can decide what modules are most important to you from POS, Gift Aid, Connect or Engage.

There’s no upfront costs, just a simple monthly subscription that includes everything you need.

Use our handy calculator below to see how much Wil-U would cost for your shops. Simply select how many shops you have, choose your modules and we’ll calculate how many tablets we think you’ll need. Scroll down to see individual prices of our modules and what’s included.

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What Wil-U modules do you require?

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Gift Aid Sign Up : £18.50

Gift Aid Processing

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POS : £40

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Connect : £7.50

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Engage : £15

Total price per month for all shops:


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How many shops do you have?

This will calculate your Wil-U subscription price on the assumption that you would like your selected modules in all of your shops.

If you have requirements that are not covered by our core modules, please contact us for a quote on

You have [item-278_quantity] shops. 
Now you can select the modules and hardware you need.


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How many tablets do you need?

We've calculated below the number of tablets we would recommend you have based on the modules you have chosen. We recommend having at least one tablet for the supporter-facing modules (Gift Aid Sign Up and Connect) and at least one tablet for your volunteer facing modules (POS and Engage). 


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Total price for all shops per month:

Total price for all shops per month:

This price is the total cost for all of your shops per month and is based on a minimum three year contract. It includes all of your hardware, software, delivery and support!

This price does not include the cost of your card machine. Wil-U POS can be integrated with your current card payment provider. However, if you don't have one or you'd like to change, we are partnered with SumUp. Please go to for more information.


Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
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Our modules:

All of our modules include access to the Wil-U Control Centre – a central point of control for all of your modules and reporting. Have as many users as you need at no extra cost. The prices below are based on a three-year contract. If you’d like a short-term contract, just drop as a message and we’ll see what we can do.



per month per shop

An easy to use point-of-sale that requires minimum training.

  • All peripheral hardware: cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer
  • Gift Aid tracking
  • Barcode printing
  • Sales data reporting
  • Permissions settings for different users
  • Easy selling process

Gift Aid Sign Up


per month per shop

An intuitive digital Gift Aid sign up form on a tablet.

  • Peripheral hardware: label printer and your first roll of labels
  • GDPR compliant sign up form software
  • Secure data storage
  • Retains functionality when offline
  • Immediate creation of Donor ID – labels can be printed immediately after signing up

Gift Aid Processing


per month for your first shop

Automatically build Gift Aid claims and submit to HMRC.

  • Add additional shops to your Gift Aid Processing for just £5 a month per shop
  • Automatic creation of Gift Aid claim when Gift Aided item is sold
  • Configurable communication parameters depending on Gift Aid method type and claim frequency
  • Automatic emails to donors
  • Automatic creation of donor letters to be sent out via post
  • Easy review of claims in the Wil-U Control Centre
  • Simple submission to HMRC 



per month per shop

Keep supporters engaged and up-to-date with your cause.

  • Easy-to-use content hosting software
  • Configurable screens in the Control Centre
  • Publish content to all shops simultaneously 
  • Increase your marketing reach
  • Reduce printing and paper waste costs
  • Link to your website, videos, PDFs and much more!



per month per shop

Give your volunteers the tools they need to be successful.

  • Send messages to volunteers in shops via your POS
  • Create task lists for staff so new volunteers know what needs to get done
  • Engage volunteers in charity-wide initiatives and goals by setting targets for them to reach
  • Provide easy access to important documents, how-to guides and policies
  • Spend less time getting new volunteers up to speed

Wil-U Tablet


per month per shop

Reliable tablet hardware without the large price tag.

  • Our tried and tested tablet with a secure tablet stand
  • Access to support from our experienced charity team
  • Replacements for tired hardware from general wear and tear when needed


Why is Wil-U so much cheaper than other charity shop technology suppliers?

The main reason Wil-U is cheaper is that we started creating Wil-U from scratch and leveraged the best of modern technology. Our systems work on Android (instead of Windows, for example) so we are much more flexible in terms of what hardware and peripherals we can use. That’s why we’re able to use tablets to host our software which are traditionally much more affordable to source, fix and replace compared to traditional POS hardware. Finally, we don’t charge huge mark-ups on our products. We genuinely want to help improve the sector by making technology more accessible to all charities.

Do I have to have certain Wil-U modules for others to work?

Not at all! Wil-U is totally modular so you can choose whatever module/s you need that address your current priorities. All of our modules can work alone or be integrated with your current system. 

How many Wil-U Tablets do I need?

We recommend at least one tablet per two modules, depending on what modules you choose. If you choose all of the modules, ideally you would host Gift Aid Sign Up and Connect on a customer-facing tablet, and Wil-U POS and Engage on a volunteer-facing tablet. However, it’s totally up to you!

Can Wil-U integrate with my other systems?

Absolutely! We have a strong background in data transfer and system integration. We would need to talk to your other supplier to discuss how their technology works and what is required to integrate with it. However, we are more than happy to work with other suppliers to do this!

How does hardware on a subscription work?

Wil-U retains ownership of all the hardware throughout your subscription. This means that if the hardware becomes not fit for purpose due to general wear and tear, we are responsible for replacing that hardware. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the hardware is not lost, stolen or damaged, so we recommend that you check it is covered on your insurance. 

What is the Wil-U Control Centre?

The Control Centre is an easy-to-use portal where you can manage everything from adding new users to entering your charity detailsreviewing Gift Aid claims and viewing reports. If you’d like a detailed demo, just get in touch below and we’ll send you all of the info you need.

I already have my own tablet in my shop. Can I use that one or do I have to purchase a Wil-U Tablet?

We strongly recommend purchasing a Wil-U Tablet as it has been tried and tested, we’d support any issues you might be having, and it covers you for any repairs or replacements whenever needed. 

What’s not included in the prices above?

We have tried to include everything we can in the monthly cost to make it as simple as possible. Unless otherwise stated, all of the required hardware (and replacements), software (and all updates), support and delivery is included in the cost. This excludes the below:

Gift Aid Sign Up – label rolls

Gift Aid Processing – cost of printing/sending letters to donors

Wil-U POS – card reader and associated fees, receipt rolls


Just send us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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Wil-U is part of the PXtech family.

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Please note calls to this number are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.