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What Wil-U make easy?

HQP chose Wil-U as their charity shop EPOS supplier because of our innovative and affordable solutions that help hospices improve efficiency, increase revenue and reduce costs of their retail operations. Wil-U provides charity shop technology modules to hospices all over the UK. Our tablet-based technology is easy to use, simple to implement and make it easier for volunteers, shop managers and head office to raise more funds for your cause.


Only pay for what you need with our tablet-based digital till software. Utilise a simple sales process and track Gift Aid on donated goods.


Smart stock tracking of your new and donated goods means you’ll always have the right stock in the place it sells best, whether thats in shops or online! 

Digital Gift Aid

Increase Gift Aid sign ups and reduce admin with our user-friendly digital Gift Aid sign up form on a tablet in shops. No more manual entry, no more paper.


Track online sales to automatically process Gift Aid and enhance analysis. View blended sales reports of in shop vs online sales to see what’s going on across your whole estate.

Automated Gift Aid Processing

The most automated Gift Aid Processing engine on the market. Make sales and click one button to submit a claim. Wil-U handles the rest.


Engage shoppers and supporters with digital content on a tablet in shops. Open up new revenue streams and link to your website, volunteer sign up and lottery!

Tracking Online Sales

This is a way for hospice retail outlets to track the sale and Gift Aid for items sold online via the POS for reporting and Gift Aid Processing purposes.
A shop would put an item through the till as they would normally, entering the item type, price, and Gift Aid ID but they can also attach a sales channel to it (e.g. eBay, Amazon, depop). This will then report on that item in the Wil-U Control Centre as an online sale and automatically process the Gift Aid on the sale (if using Wil-U’s Gift Aid Processing software).
Wil-U Charity Shop EPoS System displayed on different devices
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eBay Integration

This allows charities to attach an eBay listing ID to a stock item in Wil-U. When the item sells on eBay, it will automatically update in the Wil-U Control Centre, updating stock levels, sales reporting, and automatically processing the Gift Aid on the eBay sale (when using Wil-U’s Gift Aid Processing software).


Donated Stock Tracking

This is a simple stock tracking system for charities to track the movement of donated stock. It allows charities to track the original donation location of the item, its current location, sales channel (whether in a shop or online), and any associated Gift Aid ID. This links with the eBay integration module.
Gift Aid labels on donated clothes
Business man holding tablet displaying business data

Wil-U Integrate

This is an API for charities to call which will allow them to extract data from the Wil-U system and import this into their other systems, such as their finance system, CRM, fundraising software, marketing tools etc.


All of your hospice retail data in one place

The Wil-U Control Centre is a central point of control for your hospice retail outlets. Configure your modules, see your sales reports and view your Donor Directory and Gift Aid claims all in simple, easy-to-use software that can be accessed anywhere, any time, on any device. Included with all of our modules with unlimited users.

Why Wil-U?

As well as being the only EPOS and Gift Aid technology provider approved by HQP, we’re making technology more accesible to charities of all sizes and we’re not afraid to be different in order to do so! We want to do genuine good with the skills we have so we’re working to three core principles:


We want it to be as easy as possible for charities to do more good in the world. Our software is easy to use, easy to buy and easy to install. We simplify complex problems and make switching to digital processes straightforward and stress-free.


We know how much charities rely on keeping funds up and costs down. We want to make technology as accessible as possible for charities of all sizes so we’re not here to add hidden costs or huge markups. All of our pricing is fair, clear and transparent.


We’re forward-thinking and want to offer charities the latest in modern technology for the most affordable prices – that takes some innovating! But we’ll make sure to leave all that tech jargon at the door so you know exactly what you’re getting and how to use it.

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Wil-U is part of the PXtech family.

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