Gift Aid giving you a headache?

Time to take a tablet.

Getting donors to sign up, encouraging volunteers to ask about tax, storing paper forms, submitting claims to HMRC... it feels like no part of Gift Aid is simple. And it can certainly feel like more hard work than it's worth.

Our tablet-based fully managed Gift Aid service removes all the admin and complications such as understanding legislation, submitting claims to HMRC and relying on old-fashioned paper forms. All you have to do is ask donors to sign up using our intuitive digital form, sell their items, then submit claims with a touch of a button (or choose for this to be done automatically!).

Digital Sign Up
Replace paper forms with a modern touchscreen interface to reduce human error and ensure compliance. Volunteers don't have to ask about tax and donors can fill in the form themselves there and then, quickly and easily.

A fully managed service
Our system automates Gift Aid claims for an error-free process that maximises revenue and makes submitting to HMRC easy-peasy. We'll deal with all of your donor communications too for a stress-free Gift Aid claim.

From sign up to communication to claims, Wil-U Gift Aid is completely compliant with GDPR and HMRC's requirements. Data is stored and transferred safely and securely, every step of the way.

Meet Nina, a charity shop volunteer who loves raising funds for her favourite cause.

With Wil-U Gift Aid, Nina no longer has to worry about forms going missing or storing paper files in her already cramped shop. Donors are signed up there and then, quickly and easily. As soon as Nina sells a donor's items, a Gift Aid claim is created automatically. All Nina has to do is submit the claim to HMRC with a touch of a button and know she's raised more funds for her cause.

Proven to increase donor sign ups and Gift Aid revenue...

After Oxfam adopted our digital sign up solution, their Gift Aid revenue increased by £300,000 in just one year...

Save the Children increased Gift Aid revenue by 35% and added 18,000 new donors to their donor database...

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