Connect your supporters 

to your charity

The Wil-U Connect tablet engages shoppers with more aspects of your charity than ever before, from any location.

Do more from your store


Charity shops are more than just shops, they are places for people to learn, to buy, to support and to join a community of like-minded individuals who want to do good. 

With Connect, you can engage those supporters in your cause with an easily accessible tablet. Give them more information about your charity, other items available for purchase on your online store or large items at your warehouse. They can even sign up to volunteer, donate or sign up for gift aid right from the tablet. 

And why limit it to the shop floor? Connect can go wherever you go, whether it’s a large event, the village fete or your local shopping centre!  

Charity Shop volunteer using Gift Aid EPOS System by Wil-U

What Wil-U Connect To?

Your Online Store

Connect to your online shop or eBay shop to keep people engaged whilst they are still in-store!


Wil-U Volunteer Sign up on Tablet

Your Volunteer Sign Up Forms

Allow volunteers to submit sign up forms in-store… or wherever you are!

Your Lottery or Donation Pages

Allow customers and supporters to donate or enter your lottery right from your Connect tablet. 

Your Upcoming Events & Fundraisers

Give shoppers access to more information about upcoming events and even the capability to book tickets or donate.

Your Animal Adoption or Applications

Animal charities can enable access to the animal home website, animals available for adoption or adoption applications.

Your Charity's Website

Allow supporters to access your charity’s website for more information on what you do or how they can support further.

Engage with your supporters,
wherever you are

Have volunteers sign up and fundraising event information right on the shop floor…or anywhere you go. Take it along to your charity and fundraising events and have information and signup forms at your fingertips.  

Just like our Digital Gift Aid tablet, Connect can be taken anywhere and connected via a mobile data device like a mobile phone or dongle. This opens your charity to endless opportunities to engage with the public and gain more supporters, donors and volunteers than ever before. 


The Best of Connect


Starting at just £22.50 per month including hardware, maintenance and support.


Every charity is different and so is the way they engage with their supporters. That’s why we made Connect fully customisable for every charity. Because  who knows your supporters better than you do? 


Connect is an easy-to-use tablet that can be placed anywhere in your store or taken to events and fundraisers for your supporters to engage with and explore themselves. Just choose what you want them to be able to see.


Wil-U are leading the way in charity technology and Connect is no different. Give your supporter engagement the boost it needs.

Take Connect Anywhere

Whether it’s a charity fundraiser, the town fair or a local shopping centre – Connect can be used anywhere enabling you to engage with supporters or sign up volunteers on the go!

Boost sales, donations and support

Link your Connect tablet to your online store, donation pages, volunteer sign up forms…or anywhere you’d like! You’re in control.

Stay secure and in control

Security and control are paramount whilst also giving your supporters the freedom to view the information that you choose to share. You can control what is available to them from your control centre, keeping you safe in the knowledge that your customers can engage further with your charity without being able to access anything else.


Keeping costs low for charities everywhere 

Starting at just £22.50 per shop, per month – Connect can increase supporter engagement. This monthly cost is inclusive of hardware, maintenance and support from our expert team.   

Or, if you already have our Gift Aid Tablet, we can add Connect to it for just £10 per month. 

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